Since 2012, thousands of electric scooter and electric bicycle owners enjoy the unsurpassed driving, economic and ecological experience of EMW vehicles.


If you also want to get a top electric scooter or electric bike, see how you can.

- Visit one of our stores.

- Call us at 213.0287107 or 213.0287108.

- Buy online from the official website www.emw.gr.

- By email to sales@emw.gr.


Payment methods and financing programs.


1st Deposit to one of the following company accounts.

EURO BANK IBAN : GR4502601860000650200339803

PIRAEUS IBAN : GR1601720880005088051816687

NATIONAL ETE IBAN: GR2301106620000066244026937

ALPHA BANK IBAN : GR8201401790179002002003370


2nd Via credit card from 0% down payment and up to 36 interest-free installments at the main store or via online purchase from the official website www.emw.gr.


3rd By debit card.


4th EMW financing program from 0% down payment and up to 60 installments.
Even if you don't have a credit or debit card, you can now make a purchase with up to 60 installments. The Program "Up to 60 installments without a credit or debit card" is a consumer loan of up to €10,000 that EMW gives you in collaboration with TBI BANK. EMW guarantees the security of payments through sophisticated protection systems.


5th Via Payment Link we send you a link to your email with a payment request through Eurobank, which you execute in a secure location of the Eurobank bank through your credit card.


6th Payment via paypal send money from your paypal account to EMW's paypal account using info@emw.gr.


7th Payment via Klarna. Pay in 3 interest-free installments with your debit or credit card.


For additional vehicle information and orders you can contact 2130287107, 2130287108.

Thank you for your preference to choose an electric vehicle from EMW.

Email: sales@emw.gr