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We offer economical and absolutely ecological transportation.


EMW Company

Our Purpose

The entire company, network and people of EMW are always next to our customers.


Our Principles

We are constantly informed about the news of electromobility and we always take care to share our knowledge with our customers.


EMW is a representative of factories that specialize in electric vehicles. The selection of vehicles, which mainly focuses on electric scooters and electric bicycles, is a persistent research and effort of many years dating back to 2012.

Our goal is to introduce a means of transport that is safe with a modern design, completely ecological, with high performance, while the cost of maintenance and transportation is cheaper even than the cost of using public transport.

Today, EMW exclusively imports electric scooter models from 250W up to 5000W and 250W electric bicycle models, capable of serving short or long distance transports with a single charge.

All our products are immediately available, have a 1-year warranty and updated stock of spare parts in the company's body shops.

All the vehicles we import are designed and intended for the European market, meeting all the specifications and necessary approvals established by the European Community for two-wheelers.


EMW Quality of Life

Riding an EMW scooter is definitely the best thing that can happen to you. Zero noise, zero pollution, safe driving and accessible to everyone. Maintenance- travel costs up to 10 times cheaper, since they don't need service or petrol and you don't have to pay driving fees (indicatively, with €1 you can travel 500 kilometers).


EMW Electromobility

EMW offers a new style to urban driving with its electric scooters. It proves that aesthetics, comfort and safe driving can be combined and at the same time contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly era!

Driving an EMW electric scooter wherever you want, you enjoy the ultimate driving experience without polluting urban centers with exhaust fumes and noise, as with a regular scooter, while at the same time enjoying safety and performance comparable to conventional scooters.



EMW scooters are ergonomic and have in the center of the steering wheel a display that gathers all the necessary information about the status, speed and all the data about the battery and the levels of charge and autonomy. The design of the buttons for the lights, indicators and other functions are placed at the right distance from the driver's fingers. The electric motor in all models is soundless, while its performance promises prices that are not to be envied by the rest of the scooters on the market with internal combustion engine. The battery ranges from 60 km to 120 km and is reliable and capable for daily commuting as well as for rides outside the city. Their acceleration allow safe overtaking, while the ability to climb even with a second person in the saddle, is at the same level as the rest of the scooters on the market with an internal combustion engine. Charging the battery lasts from three to six hours and can be done from any household outlet.

Electric motor vs Gasoline engine

Why choose electro-mobility?


The main feature of an electric motor that makes it superior to a gasoline engine is its incomparably high torque attributed to its greater rpm range. On the contrary, a conventional gasoline engine delivers its maximum torque, and its power, at specific speeds.

The electric motor located inside the wheel has a direct transmission of the movement to the wheel without any transmission system with a chain or belt etc. which is known to have losses. This practically means that we have the maximum gain in strength and therefore gain in energy. The conventional petrol engine must work, even at idle, while the vehicle is stopped and so it is absolutely necessary to use a drive transmission system with a chain or belt etc. Due to the losses it has, this costs us in power and energy fuel oil.

An EMW electric motor works with three-phase voltage supplied by the alternator (Accelerator) and has no heat sinks (carbons) or oils etc., as a result of which no maintenance is needed. The motion is created inductively by the magnets inside and on the perimeter of the motor, which is in contact with the wheel, relative to the fixed coils located in the center of the motor when they are energized.

An EMW electric motor is air-cooled as it does not overheat, so there is no need for water cooling (pumps, radiator, antifreeze, etc.) and additional maintenance.

Electric scooters are superior in driving behavior compared to gasoline ones due to their motor, which is located inside the wheel (higher torque), but also the battery, which is located at the lowest possible point. As a result is a lower center of gravity compared to a petrol powered scooter. Usually, in gasoline powered scooters, the gasoline tank is necessarily high and the gasoline engine is higher than the wheel, making the motorcycle heavier and more difficult to maneuver.

Finally, if we take a look at the commuting cost with an electric scooter, which in no case exceeds €0.35/100Km, we will realize that the future is here and EMW is able to provide it to you.

Grab the opportunity. The daily commute is changing. Electro-mobility is the Future.