The second cycle of "Kinoume Ilektrika" for the promotion of electric mobility for 2022 has retroactive effect, citizens can submit their applications from 1.12.2021 to 31.12.2023.

Who is eligible for the subsidy?

-All natural persons and individuals are entitled to a subsidy for the purchase of electric scooters and bicycles.

- Legal entities regardless of form (individual, SA, IKE, EE, OE, EPE, COINSEP) are entitled to a subsidy for an unlimited number of electric scooters per VAT number.

- While courier companies, distribution companies and tourist companies will now be able to be subsidized for the purchase of electric bicycles.

Subsidy rate

-30% for electric scooters and up to 1300 euros per vehicle, while it is very important that the program also subsidizes the purchase of a second battery with an amount of 300 euros per vehicle.

-40% for electric bikes and up to 800 euros per vehicle.

If you belong to the following categories other than 30% for electric scooters and 40% for electric bicycles, you are entitled to an additional subsidy.

-As a parent with many children, you are entitled to an additional subsidy of €500.

-Persons with disabilities are entitled to an additional subsidy of €500

-For the purchase of a second battery you are entitled to €300 (only valid for the purchase of an electric scooter)

-If you have a vehicle for withdrawal, you are entitled to an additional €400 (only valid for the purchase of an electric scooter) 

What are the steps

1st With the purchase of the EMW electric vehicle, you receive from EMW an official receipt or invoice as well as all the necessary documents, such as a responsible declaration certifying that the vehicle meets the subsidy specifications.

2nd You register your details on the website of the action http://kinoumeilektrika.ypen.gr and you also attach all the necessary documents that you have received from the EMW company.

3rd The amount of the subsidy you are entitled to is deposited into your bank account.


For more information contact EMW, 2130287107 - 2130287108.

Or the Elements of the action I KINOUME ILEKTRIKA

Telephones: 2106797843 | 2106797862 | 2131513139 | 2131513445

Email: support.kinoumeilektrika@prv.ypeka.gr

Website: https://kinoumeilektrika2.gov.gr

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