How long does it take to fully charge the battery and how much is the electricity consumption per 100Km?

For models with motor from 250w to 1000w

A full charge takes 6-8 hours. Average energy consumption is 1.3Kwh/100Km


For models with motor from 2500w to 3500w

A full charge takes 4-5 hours. Average energy consumption is 1.9Kwh/100Km


For models with motor from 5000w to 6000w

A full charge takes 4-5 hours. Average energy consumption is 2.6Kwh/100Km


How much does it cost me to travel with an EMW electric scooter?

For gasoline powered scooters, the question is answered with liters of gasoline/100Km + service cost.

For EMW electric scooters there is no service cost (apart from consumables e.g. brake pads) but only the cost of charging the battery which can be done from a normal household socket. In PPC's residential tariff the cost of Kwh is independent of the total fixed charge paid by the consumer. Today's official Kwh price based on PPC's price list is scalable and ranges from €0.09744 the lowest to €0.17063 the highest. For our calculation here we will use the average price of €0.134.

So the cost of moving is translated as follows:

For models with an engine from 250w to 1000w ≈ €0.174/100Km

For models with an engine from 2500w to 3500w ≈ €0.254/100Km

For models with an engine from 5000w to 6000w ≈ €0.348/100Km


We should also mention that in EMW electric scooters but also in electric mobility in general, the distance a vehicle can travel also depends on factors such as the general condition of the motorcycle, the way the battery is charged (full or partial), the way the rider drives , driving within or outside the city, the total transport weight, the ambient temperature, etc. Although the cost of movement is incomparably low compared to any gasoline vehicle there may be small deviations in the average cost price per 100Km.


How can I make the most of my scooter's range?

First of all, we should say that the maximum range mentioned in the characteristics of an EMW scooter has been recorded in Greece by EMW and is not refered to the manufacturer's ideal prices. In order to have safe and comparable results, our measurements were carried out under specific, almost ideal, conditions based on the following:

1) Excellent battery condition with full charge.

2) Excellent condition of the scooter, correct tire air pressure and temperature 20C.

3) Driving at an average speed without sharp accelerations and decelerations on an open road with small gradients.

4) Driving with a rider weighing 100Kg

This way we can give a realistic price and that is because the way someone drives and also the uphills or downhills he can travel etc. can alter the numbers. Unfortunately, in Greece most drivers don't drive in an economic way, so we performed the same measurements but with a completely different driving style and with maximum top speed trying throughout the measurement to drain our battery as soon as possible. The result of the measurements says that in this case the maximum autonomy indicated in the characteristics of our scooters will be reduced by 20% - 30% and the main conclusion is that the maximum autonomy, which also means economy, depends on everything mentioned before and mostly from the way we handle the throttle. That is, exactly what happens in gasoline-powered vehicles.


Does a charged battery in a scooter that has not been driven for a long time affect the operation or the life of the battery?

EMW has made sure that the batteries of our scooters are of the highest quality, tested with the most modern methods and capable of delivering the maximum life time and recharges. The battery, as a rule, wears out the more the scooter is used. A charged battery that is not used every month will lose 10-15% power and will need recharging to regain full power. All batteries have a maximum lifespan, but no wear has been observed for batteries that have not been used for a reasonable period of time. 


What if I forget the battery in the charger?

All batteries used in EMW scooters are properly protected by a system provided by their charger, so there will be no problems. At the same time, through the charger and this system, we have the possibility to know at any time the actual level of the battery in % from the indications available on the charger during charging. In addition, scooters equipped with LiFePo4 batteries also have a state-of-the-art BMS system that works as an additional protection system and independently of the charger.


Can we charge the battery in a faster way?

The performance of the charger that comes with EMW scooters is proportional to the model (see the technical characteristics). The average time for a full charge is 3-6 hours depending on the model.

For some of the EMW models, there may be suitable fast chargers whose full and detailed characteristics and prices can be found by looking in the Accessories area of each model separately. 


How many charges can the battery of models with a motor from 250w to 1000w support?

Usually for a new battery it is more than 750 - 850 full charges.


How many charges can the battery of the 2500w to 3500w motor models support?

Usually for a new battery it is more than 850 - 1000 full charges.


How many charges can the battery of the 5000w to 6000w motor models support?

Usually for a new battery it is more than 1200 full charges.


Do I need a license to drive a scooter and which category?

For scooters from 1000w – 4000w you need a driving license from the traffic police corresponding to driving a motorcycle up to 50cc while for scooters from 4000w – 6000w you need a driving license from the Ministry of Transport corresponding to driving a motorcycle up to 125cc.


Do electric scooters have a license, insurance, road tax?

The electric scooters of EMW are probably the only scooters nationwide that have type approval and all models meet the European specifications, so they clearly have a license and plates as well as the ability to be insured. More specifically, as with all motorized vehicles, insurance coverage is mandatory for electric vehicles as well. In fact, some insurance companies have foreseen and offer special packages more economical than what they charge for the corresponding gasoline vehicles. Tolls are zero.


Are the tires on the scooters good quality?

EMW scooters have good quality tires suitable for asphalt and you can easily find them on the market.


Is there any part of the scooter that we need to add or change oil and generally do work like it is done on gas powered scooters?

The maintenance of an electric scooter is zero since there are no oil changes, filters, gearbox, etc. as in gasoline engines. In short, the logic of regular service does not exist, only changes to consumables such as brake pads, tires, etc.

It is also worth saying that even the scooter's electric motor does not need any maintenance as it does not have heat sinks (carbons).


How easy is it to damage the electric motor or the scooter.

All EMW scooters are equipped with several systems that monitor and protect the motor and the electrical parts of the scooter so that damage is almost impossible. As an example, we would like to mention that if, for example, damage were to occur to the engine or the scooter due to excessive load or elevation or even blocking of the rear wheel, etc., a combination of systems and sensors that monitor your scooter at all times is able to modulate the power of the engine at levels that will provide maximum rider safety and minimize the possibility of scooter damage. Also, the sharp and nervous movements of the gas are transferred to the engine smoothly thanks to another important protection system that, apart from the engine and the energy economy it also offers us, it also saves the rider from a possible accident.


Are electric scooters affected by the weather?

The only thing that has been observed is that in very hot but also very cold months (temperatures above 40C or below 0C) the performance of the battery and consequently the performance of the electric scooters is reduced by up to 10% while within these temperatures the benefits reach 100%. Nothing else has been observed.

Note: all electrical parts of the scooter are waterproof.


If I need consumables or spare parts are they available or do I have to contact the trade?

All consumables can be found very easily in the trade.

However, we recommend that you prefer genuine EMW spare parts. Besides, as you will see from the price list of spare parts and consumables for each model, the prices are extremely competitive.

Note: all scooters sold by EMW come with all the necessary spare parts and consumables and you can get them from all authorized dealership shops.


If I need to do a repair or replacement of some consumables, who should I contact?

For any work that your scooter will need, you can contact the authorized EMW stores, either the store where you bought it or any other.

Note: a price list for each model will be posted on the official EMW website each year, listing the prices of spare parts, consumables and accessories as well as labor costs. Our aim is to protect the customers who trust EMW but also to set equal operating conditions in all our stores.


Is there a warranty for the scooter I will buy?

It exists and you can find out about it from any EMW store that serves you, but also from the warranty section that refers to each model on the official EMW website.