We have been active in the trading of electric vehicles since 2012.

We sell Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles and Electric Skates.


The purchase of an electric vehicle is a strong global trend. Commuting with electric vehicles has entered our everyday life and this is proven by:

• Sales increase, which for all Europe in 2017, reached 38%. Every day more and more drivers trust electric mobility and choose an electric vehicle for their transportation.

• Research shows that by 2050, 80% of vehicles will be electric.

• In Greece, the dynamic of the category is constantly developing with a 40% increase in sales.

The quality of the electric vehicles we sell is excellent and this is attested by dozens of customers and visitors who bought or tested the electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Indicatively, you can see the reviews here.

All the models we have, come with a warranty while we give great importance to the after sale of our vehicles by undertaking their repair, maintenance and upgrading, we provide a detailed cost record, we have a detailed warehouse of spare parts ensuring the best and most immediate service to our customers.


Popularity of EMW

EMW is advertised continuously in all regions of Greece without the slightest burden on its partner network, managing to this day to be the most popular brand of electric scooters and electric bicycles in Greece.

More specifically, the following apply today:

• EMW is one of the best electric mobility company in Greece, while having great traffic and impact rates in all available media.

• EMW Portable Battery video found #10 trending on Youtube.

• In all the important keywords related to electric scooters and electric bikes, EMW is in the top positions of organic results in google searches while there were over 440.000 visits to the official website of EMW for the year 2021.

• Brand appearances on social media exceeded 20.000.000 just for the year 2021.

• EMW participates every year in all important exhibitions for professionals such as: Horeca, Xenia.

• EMW's official social media pages (facebook, instagram) have over 20,000 followers.

This rise resulted in a 27% increase in sales for the year 2021.


If you are interested in additional details of the wholesale sale of electric bicycles and scooters, you can contact us at 213.0287107, 213.0287108 or fill out the contact form.